The current policy for cookies used by "Modularity Bulgaria" Ltd. on this site aims to explain to the User what cookies are, what types of cookies are collected and the right of the User to exclude them. By using cookies on our part, we want to improve our performance and your experience.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a website can store on your computer and / or mobile device when you visit a page or site. They are stored in the file directory of the browser you are using at the time of your visit.

The next time you visit the same site, the browser reads the cookies and transmits the information to the website or item that originally set the cookies. To learn more about these technologies and how they work, please visit, for example, The cookie will help the site or other sites to recognize your device the next time you visit it. Web beacons or other similar files can do the same. We use the term "cookies" in this policy to name all files that collect information in this way.

Cookies perform many different functions. For example, they help us remember your preferences, analyze how well our sites perform, or even allow us to recommend content that we think will be of interest to you. Most cookies do not collect information that can identify you, but rather collect general information about how users access and use our sites and / or what their location is.

What types of cookies do we use for

Different websites need different types of cookies for their proper functioning - for efficiency, for importance (eg when creating and maintaining an account, additional services against paid access, etc.), functional, behavioral, etc. . As noted - in order to improve the user experience and its performance, "Modularity Bulgaria" Ltd. uses the following types of cookies:

  • Site performance cookies: we use cookies to analyze how visitors use our site and to monitor its performance. This allows us to offer you a high quality experience by customizing the content offered and quickly identifying and resolving various issues. For example, we could use cookies to track which pages are most popular. We may also use cookies to show you articles, services and / or other similar content that we think may be of interest to you depending on how you use the site.
  • Functional cookies: Functional cookies allow us to remember your preferences, such as font size and other personal settings such as selected language and country, and the authentication of some parts of the domain will be preserved.
  • Behavioral Targeted Advertising Cookies: We and our advertisers use cookies to show you ads that we believe are relevant to your interests. For example, if you have read several articles related to the provision of software services and / or products on our site or on another site and / or online store of our or another manufacturer / provider of software product / service may assume that you are interested in this theme and show you the same and / or other software products and / or services as advertisements. You can see these ads on our site and on other sites you visit.

We analyze data to establish e.g. the number of unique users visiting our site to find out which materials posted there are popular, or whether a video we share has been viewed in the middle or to the end. We may be interested in where users of the site get access to it and the content to know how to organize it more optimally for their convenience. We investigate what type of referral was used to reach our site, e.g. an email campaign, a link from a referring site, and / or so on so that we can calculate the effectiveness of our promotions and advertising campaigns.

Be assured that we do not disclose your identity to our advertisers. For behaviorally targeted advertising cookies, we use a Google Inc. service called remarketing. According to their own policy, Google does not collect personal data in this process. However, if you do not wish to be subject to remarketing, you can disable it by changing your settings at this link: You can also disable the use of cookies for behaviorally targeted ads by following the instructions on this page:

Does anyone other than “Modularity Bulgaria” Ltd. use the collected cookies?

Advertisers sometimes use their cookies to show you targeted ads. For example, they may use an account based on sites you've previously visited to show you more relevant ads when you visit our site. We believe it's helpful for our users to see ads that target their interests.

We use or allow third parties to use cookies on our site that fall into the categories mentioned above. For example, like many companies, we use Google Analytics to monitor the traffic to our sites.

Does “Modularity Bulgaria” Ltd. use cookies collected by third parties?

We may use third-party cookies to assist us in researching the market, tracking revenue, improving functionality and monitoring compliance with our terms and conditions and copyright policy. Our domains may also include elements that set cookies on behalf of a third party such as the Facebook "Like" button and others alike.

Please note that you are familiar with the current policy on the use of cookies and inform them what they are, how we collect and use them. By visiting the domains of, owned by Modularity Bulgaria Ltd. and if your browser settings accept cookies, we believe that you accept their use in the manner and conditions described above.

How to manage cookies?

You can view the available options for managing them in your browser. The browser can be used to manage cookies related to basic functions, site improvement, personalization and advertising. Different browsers use different ways to disable cookies, but can usually be found in the Tools or Options menus. You can also browse your browser's help menu. In addition to managing cookies, browsers typically allow you to control files similar to them, such as Local Shared Objects, by enabling the privacy mode of your browser. Modularity Bulgaria Ltd. uses third-party managed cookies to promote its products as well. on the website of Modularity Bulgaria OOD, as well as on other websites. You may choose not to receive certain third-party managed cookies through third-party management sites such as AppNexus, Audience Science, DoubleClick, AdTech, AdOcean, Atlas, Criteo, EasyAds, eTarget, Facebook, Httpool, Improve Digital, Xaxis, Next, Performance, SiteCatalyst, Fusepump, DFA, Google Analytics, Network Advertising Initiative, 24/7 Real Media and Adobe Flash.

To be aware of these settings, the following links can help you or you can use the "Help" button on your browser's menus for more details:
Cookie settings in Internet Explorer
Cookie settings in Firefox
Cookie settings in Chrome
Cookie settings in Safari web and iOS.

If you're most concerned about third-party ad cookies generated by advertisers, you can turn them off here: Your Online Choices site.

How long we keep the information?

It depends on the type of cookie. Session cookies expire when you close the browser. Persistent cookies, including Local Shared Objects ("Flash cookies"), are usually valid for two months to several years.

What else you need to know?

In addition to collecting data in web domains, "Modularity Bulgaria" Ltd. collects other types of information as described in the Privacy Policy of “Modularity Bulgaria” Ltd.

It is possible that “Modularity Bulgaria” Ltd. periodically changes these rules. In case of significant and unfavorable changes, at the beginning of these rules and on the home page of this site "Modularity Bulgaria" Ltd. will publish a notice about this change. We encourage you to periodically review these policies to be notified of such changes.

If you have any questions regarding this Cookie Policy, please contact us by email:

This document shall enter into force on 01.01.2021 and was last updated on 18.05.2021.