Modularity Bulgaria is a software development company

We develop software solutions that match your ideas and needs. What makes us a good choice is being approachable, allowing for work with any size and scale business


If you are part of our community or wondering if you should join, we guarantee that we will provide you with the best possible care that we can provide for your software idea, going out of our way in order for you to see it realized.

Shared Expertise

You need a developer for a single project with unknown duration or perhaps your development team needs a helping hand.
By hiring Modularity Bulgaria you receive the collective knowledge of a company.

Comprehensive Service

If you want someone to develop your idea, based on your needs for the trinity of price, speed and quality. We work with both programmers and non-programmers, willing to take any challange and build stable projects on latest trending technologies.


We offer diversity in pricing plans based on your needs

Modular development

We have a scalar approach to your budgetary means - If you have an idea, but not the budget to see it throught in a single go, we have you covered. Building on the go, with your speed and needs. Whenever possible, we will leave the modular project in a working condition after adding a new functional part to it.

Open source

We want to support the open source community and we believe that good ideas should be shared and developed by everyone capable of offering assistance. By making your idea publicly accessible, people can contribute and extend your vision free of charge.

Currency Exchange Rate

We are aware that exchange rates may not be in your favor. That is why we are striving to give a fair price/rate based on your location. We believe that quality software should not be out of reach and good ideas must come to fruition.